Unleashing the potential of minimally invasive therapies.

Hybrid Imaging

The RAYDIAX TACT combines the advantages of high-quality and fast 3D multislice CT imaging and large-area 2D angiography for the first time. The result is an expansion of the treatable patient spectrum. Its integrated design in a small footprint system enables fast modality switching for uninterrupted management of bleeding complications.

Dose Optimization

The entire imaging chain of the TACT is fundamentally designed for therapeutic applications. This leads to completely new ways of image acquisition, resulting in substantial dose optimization for patients and clinical staff. Creating safe and reliable treatment and working conditions.

Interventional Workflow

The TACT offers the greatest possible degree of freedom for the user. 1 meter free inner diameter, free-floating table, off-center positioning, focused user interface, ergonomics and intuitive interaction increase the safety and efficiency of daily procedures.


Opening up new horizons in minimally-invasive therapies

Hybrid imaging, dose optimization and interventional workflow. The RAYDIAX TACT combines the high requirements of minimally invasive interventions in one product for the first time. This leads to the development of new treatment fields and the expansion of existing, modern, patient-friendly and low-complication minimally invasive therapies.

A system entirely designed to meet the requirements of minimally invasive interventions.


Giving robots the X-ray view

A new level of accuracy and autonomy in telemanipulated and robotic interventions

Every surgical robot faces the identical challenge to a doctor: View of the operation field. The TACT offers an outstanding interaction area for surgical robots, a specialized API for closed-loop control and the possibility for full GUI integration. Enabling a new patient collective by offering the most advanced robotic imaging integration on the market.


RAYDIAX mission is to increase the quality of everyday minimally invasive interventions providing the world's first therapy-assistance CT system.


What experts say:

Georg Rose
CEO STIMULATE, research center for minimally-invasive therapies

With the TACT, RAYDIAX has been developing a solution based on focused research work that began in 2012. The team utilizes the unique site conditions and symbiosis of focused problem definition and solution of a large clinical-technical network.

Heinrich Kolem
former President Advanced Therapies, Siemens Healthineers

As a start-up company, RAYDIAX utilizes the advantages of agility and flexibility to bring an innovative imaging device to market in the high-tech radiology environment. With their unique focus on interventional treatments, they differentiate significantly from current solutions on the market.

Florian Klitsch
Director Business Angel Association

The RAYDIAX TACT not only promises considerable added value for patients worldwide, but also for the economy of the healthcare system. Minimally invasive therapy procedures offer the potential for outpatient treatment and relieve the burden on hospital structures, making it an attractive business case for any clinic.

Ready for Innovation?

We know that the methods of minimally invasive therapies continue to offer great potential for clinical innovation. Would you also like to establish your operating technique? Make a suggestion, define a joint project and research your case on our system in phantom studies. And of course we are open to clinical publications.